37th Euro-Asia Management Studies Association Conference

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 37th Euro-Asia
Management Studies Association Conference
“Europe-Asia Trade & Investments: Does distance matter?
October, 20–23, 2021, Łódź, Poland

Authors are invited to submit theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers that draw on
qualitative, quantitative, mixed and case study approaches to explore, evaluate, critique and
debate issues arising from the conference theme:
Europe-Asia Trade & Investments: Does distance matter?

Potential topics, but not limited to:
1) COVID-19 and its consequences for Euro-Asia Business (GVC).
2) Role of States in trade and investment: The Europe – Asia Perspective.
3) Export and Investment Incentives – different models in Europe and Asia.
4) Going international – export and OFDI.
5) Changing pattern for investment attractiveness – What does the investors search for?
6) Distance and diversity in IB: opportunity or threat? cultural, geographic, economic,
institutional approach.
7) Industrial revolution 4.0 and its impact on international business models.
8) Going green – trade, energy, environment & development.
9) Born globals – the accelerated internationalization.
10) Social perspective as a new IB paradigm – CSR, SRI.

Multiple submission types are possible:
1)Conference papers:
a) Competitive,
b) Interactive,
c) PhD candidates,
2) Conference panel proposals,
3) Conference posters.
4) Special Session: Management Geography – An Euro-Asia Management Perspective

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