Conference: Economic Growth, Labour Market and Innovation

We sincerely invite you to participate in the conference Economic Growth, Labour Market and Innovation held by the Department of Macroeconomics, the Department of Microeconomics and the Lodz Regional Branch of the National Bank of Poland. The conference will take place on June 22-23 at the University of Lodz Training and Conference Centre in Lodz, 26 Rogowska Street. For detailed information, please visit our website: www.makroekonomia.uni.lodz.pl (sub-site Conferences)

Conference Topics:

  • Determinants and conditions for economic growth.
  • Economic Policy and Labour market. Labour market in EU countries.
  • Innovativeness of Polish economy. Conditions and prospects of development.
  • Knowledge-based economy. Theoretical aspects and development strategies.
  • Disequilibrium of public finance. Diagnosis and methods of improvement.
  • Poland in the face of the Global Economic Crisis.
  • Interventionism versus free market. The dispute of economic policies.