History of the Institute

The establishment of the Institute of Economics is directly connected with the foundation of the University of Lodz in year 1945. Within the early framework of the University a Faculty of Law and Economics was established with the Department of Economics headed by prof. Wacław Fabierkiewicz. Below we present a short history of the Institute of Economics, its evolution and people who made a major contribution to the Institute’s development.

  • In 1949 an independent Higher School of Economics was founded. It was headed by prof. Antoni Konopka and next by dr Jan Mujżel.
  • Between 1961 and 1964 two new departments were established: Department of Capitalism and Department of Socialism.
  • In academic year 1964/1965 the Higher School of Economics was incorporated to the University of Lodz as the Faculty of Economics and Sociology.
  • In 1970 the Department of Economics was transformed into the Institute of Political Economy. Prof. Jan Mujżel, prof. Leszko Miastkowski, doc. dr hab Wiesław Caban and prof. Stefan Krajewski were directors of the Institute.
  • In 1992 the Institute of Political Economy was again transformed, this time into the Department of Economics headed by prof. Stefan Krajewski. The Institute consisted of: Centre for Economic Mechanisms headed by prof. Stefan Krajewski, Centre for Basics of Economics headed by prof. Roman Milewski and prof. Witold Kasperkiewicz, Centre for Theory of Economic Growth headed by prof. Cezary Józefiak, Centre for Modern Economic Theories headed by prof. Marek Belka and Centre for Economics of Defense headed by prof. Wiesław Bednarek.
  • The year 2003 brought another changes in the structure and name of the Institute. The Institute of Political Economy was transformed into the Institute of Economics and exists under this name up today. Current structure of the Institute You can find here.

Employees of the Institute are actively involved in scientific and research activity which result in numerous publications, paper presented on international conferences, reports and expertise made both for central institutions in Poland and international organizations.