Prof. Maciej Kozłowski, Ph. D.

Post: associate professor, Department of Institutional Economics

e-mail: maciej.kozlowski@uni.lodz.pl

office A325,  phone: 42 635 55 13

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7749-6118

Area of interest:

workers ownership, industrial democracy, financial participation, other macroeconomics issues.

Selected papers:

  • The relationship between workers’ financial participation in companies and economic results, w: Comparative Economic Research, Central and Eastern Europe, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Łódź 2014, vol. 17, issue 1, s. 167-191.
  • Financial Participation Programs in Polish Public Companies, Management, 9(4); 2014, s. 349-366.
  • Financial Participation In Poland In Comparison To Other EU Countries, w: Comparative Economic Research, Central and Eastern Europe, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Łódź 2015, volume 18, issue 3, August 2015, s. 59-79.
  • Employee financial participation in Polish listed companies – a management approach; w: S. Fietze, W. Matiaske (reds), Dimensions and Perspectives on Financial Participation in Europe, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden, Germany 2016; s. 155-194
  • The Consequences of the Privatization for Employee-Owned Companies. Polish case in comparison to other EU countries, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG, Bahnhofstraße 28, D-66111 Saarbrücken, Düsseldorf 2017, s. 318
  • Caja Laboral Popular as an example of the development of an employee cooperative in the banking sector, in: Studies and Materials Miscellanea Oeconomicae, year 22nd, No. 3/2018, vol. III, Kielce 2018, pp. 229-240
  • Financial participation programs and enterprises’ performances, published by the University of Lodz, Lodz 2019, pp. 31
  • Innovativeness of railway transport in the context of the development of tourism in Poland, co-author A. Piotrowska-Piątek, M. Pawełczyk, Quality & Quantity 54(5), 2020, p. 1691-1703; DOI 10.1007/s11135-019-00928-z
  • Unconventional incentive schemes in tourism enterprises, does it make sense?; Quality & Quantity 54(5), 2020, p. 1613-1632; DOI 10.1007/s11135-019-00924-3
  • Factors influencing an implementation of financial participation programmes in Polish companies – some relationships, Baltica vol. 33 (11), 2020



Lectures on subjects such as: Micro- and Macroeconomics at the primary and intermediate level (Polish and English), Mathematical economics, Economic policy, Methods of evaluation of investment projects (Polish and English), Creation of new investment projects, Investment process (Polish and English), Managerial Economics, Project Management (Polish and English), Finance strategies of investments (Polish and English), Modern methods of company management, Strategic Management (Polish and English) EURO ZONE – European economic and monetary integration, as well as lectures and seminars on corporate financial management (Polish and English). He also conducts lectures in English for Erasmus students: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics (Polish, English, Spanish), Strategic Management, Project Management, Investment Decisions and Company’s Financial Strategies – selected aspects, Entrepreneurship and an Own Company. He conducts seminars BA and MA at full time and extramural studies; range of topics: investment, SMEs, banking and finance, local government units and their activities, employee ownership; Macroeconomic issues. He also runs a seminar on Ph.D. studies.



1. Participation in research under the guidance of prof. W.Caban  Adaptation small craft in terms of economic transformation in Poland, the research report (1991-1992)”.
2. Participation in training and research conducted by prof. S. Rudolph in enterprises of Lodz province in the field of problem-solving techniques, creating implementation programs etc. (1990-1994); project carried out in collaboration with Cornell University, USA (Program for Economic Transitions, director Peter Lazes) and the Work Research Institute (Oslo, Norway, Ragnar Johansen).

3. Participation in the research project “Environmental Issues in the assessment of residents Świętokrzyskie”, under the direction of Dr. M.Burchard-Dziubiński, (Tempus Phare project IB_JEP-14018-1999: “Regional policy in the underdeveloped areas”), from 2000 to 2001.
4. Participation in the project “Development of curricula for distance education in the direction of the economy” in the context of sectoral HRD OP 2004-2006 (Conclusion No. 6/2.1.c/2006/1613), co-financed by the ESF.

5. Habilitation research project No N N112 069636, “EFP and economic results of Polish companies to selected countries”, Contract No. 0696/B/H03/2009/36 Higher Education.
6. Participation in a research project under the agreement of 29.09.2009 concluded between the NBP and WSEiP in Kielce “Mechanisms of the euro area”; lectures on the subject “Theoretical and practical aspects of monetary integration. Implications for the Polish “(which, the last series of lectures in February 2013).

7. Participation in the international research project “Information and Communication Project – Promoting Employee Financial Participation in the EU27” – VP/2010/013/0084.
8. Preparing and conducting training on “Starting and running a business” within the project “KREO Regionális ARTE – support for entrepreneurship and innovation, creative industries”, co-financed from EU funds under the ESF, the sub-measure 2.2.1 Human Capital 2007-2013; provision of individual counseling for participants in terms of starting a business in the area of ​​creative industries and the commercialization of art. The project under Contract No. 4/14/2012/POKL/03_06.


  • One-month retraining-updating course in London; Middlesex University; summer 1991.
  • Participation in the Summer School in Sweden devoted to problems of quality management and working life; summer 1991. Topic: Action Research.
  • Three months course in Holland connected to problems of education, marketing, finance, etc., University of Nijmegen, Holland. Participation in Tempus Project. Topic: Curriculum Development and Educational Management. Certificate here. TEMPUS OFFICE; III-V 1993.
  • January 1997 – two weeks course in England titled: „Ways of Involving Workers in the realization of the Changes in their Company: Theoretical Aspects and Practical Experiences”. The objective of the programme is to provide with knowledge of employees involvement in market driven profit oriented enterprises combined with a marketing simulation exercise („The Marketing Game”).
  • Stay in London: Middlesex University, summer 2001
  • ERASMUS 2012-2018 – Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania
  • Summer School at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology: The Human Security in the Contemporary World – lecture: Poverty – how to fight against (VI 2014)
  • Secondary School in Tomaszów Mazowiecki – lecture: Euro mechanism in Euro zone
  • ZZU – Zhengzhou University – 22 III – 4 IV – lectures: Microeconomics (48 hours)
  • Summer School – 29 II 2016 – 13 III 2016, Toluca, Mexico
  • Lectures “Strategic Management and Investment Decisions” (40 hours), Šiauliai State College, Lithuania, 12-23 September 2016; the visit is supported for the fellowship “Support for foreign teachers coming to provide lectures at Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions”


  • Polish Conference “What kind of capitalism in Poland”, paper: System of cooperatives in Mondragon in Spain”, Wrocław 12-14 IV 1996.
  • Participation in VIII-th International Congress of Political Economists, paper prepared: „The Self-managed enterprise: A Theoretical Principles”, Lodz 12-18 July 1997.
  • Participation in International Congress about Iberoamerican University; (presented paper „Educational system of Ecomists and Lawyers at the Spanish Universities in university staff’s opinions.); 28-30 October 1999, Valencia, Spain.
  • Participation in national conference: “Worker’s participation. Echo from the past or development’s perspectives”, organized by Institute of Economics, paper presented: “Financial participation of workers”, Lodz 10-11 IX 2000.
  • Taking part in research project “Ecological problem in opinion of occupants of świętokrzyskie province”, under direction of doctor M.Burchard-Dziubiński, (Project Tempus Phare IB_JEP-14018-1999: “Regional Policy on areas faintly developed”), 2000-2001, preparing report on basic ecological requirements.
  • Participation in national conference: “Economic growth, restructuring and unemployment in Poland, theoretical and empirical approach (presented paper: “Processes of restructuring and privatization in Polish economy”), Lodz V 2001.
  • Participation in Polish Scientific Conference “Enterprise and creative thinking in business”, report “Position of managers in the face of fusion and interceptions of enterprises”, Lodz 15-16 IV 2002.
  • Participation in Scientific Conference Świętokrzyski Region in investigations of Higher School of Economy and Administration in Kielce”, report “Ecological Consciousness of inhabitants of świętokrzyskie province”, Kielce 26 IV 2002.
  • Participation in an Polish-Norwegian Contact Seminar of the „Linking up for mobility in Europe Programme”, Jachranka, December 9-10, 2002).
  • Participation in XIV-th International Conference COPE (Conference theme was Global Business: Economic, Political, Social and Cultural Issues), papers: „Theories of degeneration and development of worker’s cooperatives” and “Corporate Governance and Innovation Activity in Polish Public Companies. An Empirical Study”, Mexico City 12-19 VII 2003.
  • Participation in IX-th International Scientific Conference “Globalization, Economic Integration and the Process of Enterprise Restructuring and Development”, paper: “Restructure of research-development centers”, Cracow 23-25 X 2003.
  • Participation in 35 other national and international conferences (Egypt, Chile, Bialowieza, Kielce, Spain, China, Lodz, Germany, India, Dubai, Greece, France, Katowice, Warsaw, Singapore, Italy, Cyprus, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Turkey, Slovenia, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Cuba , South Africa, Thailand, South Korea.
  • Participation in 27th Costa Rica Global Conference on Business and Finance (GCBF), referat: „Unconventional motivation tools in human resource management in transnational companies – model approach”, Institute for Business and Finance Research, LLC (IBFR), San Jose, Costa Rica, 28-31 V 2019
  • Participation  in webinar „The Threat Posed by the Covid-19 Pandemic to Democracy & Entrepreneurship”, 13 XI 2020, organizators: EBES, GLO


  • Bronze Medal for long service, 26 May 2008
  • A congratulatory letter of Polish Economic Society for the care of the scientific master’s theses, which took first and third place in the competition for the best master’s thesis in the field of economic sciences in the year 2013/2014 organized by the PTE in Lodz, 11 III 2015
  • Medal for long service for Higher Vocational School in Skierniewice, 26 V 2015
  • Gold Badge of University of Lodz, 13 X 2017
  • Rector’s Prize for book “The Consequences of the Privatization for Employee-Owned Companies. Polish case in comparison to other EU countries”


Functions and Reviews:


– within the University of Lodz:
• guardian interdisciplinary specialization in the Bachelor’s studies “Creating managerial competence”

  • member of the IIIrd Faculty Committee on Ph.D. at the University of Lodz
  • member of the Disciplinary Commission for Ph.D. students for the 2016-2020 term
  • permanent examiner of Economics as an additional discipline in Ph.D. exams
  • Head of full-time and part-time (extramural) PhD Studies in Economics from July 1, 2018
  • member of the Faculty Commission for Qualifications for Doctoral Studies
  • member of the Faculty Scholarship Committee for PhD students


-outside the University of Lodz

  • Member of theSenate ofthe State HigherVocational School inSkierniewicesince October 2005 till 2014; member of variouscommittees
  • Memberof the Social Committeein theState Higher Vocational Schoolin Skierniewice
  • Member of the Boardof the Libraryof the State HigherVocational School inSkierniewice
  • Member of the Program Council in theState Higher Vocational Schoolin Skierniewice
  • Chairman of the Recruitment Commission for the recruitment of students at the State Higher Vocational School in Skierniewice
  • Member of theEditorialAdvisory BoardandReview Committeeofthe Journal ofGlobal Economy(fromSeptember 2009)
  • Member of theEditorialCommittee ofCOPE(Congress of PoliticalEconomistsInternational)
  • Member of theEuropeanFederationOfEmployeeShareOwnership(EFES)
  • Member of theCongressof PoliticalEconomistInternational (COPE)
  • Member ofPolish Economic Society
  • December 2003-III2007-Chairman ofthe Supervisory Board ofthe companyTEXTON
  • Member of theInternational Associationfor theEconomics ofParticipation(IAFEP)
  • Member of theEurasianBusiness and EconomicsSociety (EBES)
  • TQS-Universidades – Chile; Function:DirectordeDesarrolloeInvestigación (2014-)
  • Member of SCIENCEDOMAIN international (SDI), editor, member of an Editorial Board of Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology (July 2017 – July 2021)
  • Member of AEA (American Economic Association)
  • reviewer of articles to Economic Studies of the Lodz Region Journal at the Polish Economic Society (list B, 7 p.); Studies and Materials “Miscellanea Oeconomicae” no. 3/2017 vol. I (list B, 9 p.); Economy in Practice and Theory (list B, 9 p.); Annals of Economics and Management (3 p. list B)
  • reviewer of articles to Journal of Global Economy; Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research; British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade; Archives of Current Research International; Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting; Journal of Global Economy, Social Indicators Research (35 p. list A); Environmental Science and Pollution Research (30 p. list A); Journal of Business Economics and Management (20 p. list A)