Ph.D. Eng. Tomasz Czajkowski

assistant professor, Department of World Economic and European Integration

e-mail: tomasz.czajkowski@uni.lodz.pl

room: A313, phone: 42 635 51 35

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3449-2096

Fields of interest:

e-commerce and e-business, analyses of textile-clothing market, running an own company, innovations.

Wybrane publikacje:

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Qualified to teach:

Establishing and running a small firm, Small Business Management, Ecological Innovations, E-commerce, master and bachelor seminars in English and Polish

Research grants::

Thinking Smart, 2016-2018, Erasmus+, substantive project manager of the works carried out by the University of Lodz and main project developer

Courses and workshops:

Pedagogic course for assistants at the Faculty of Organisation and Management of Lodz University of Technology (2006-2007)


Participation as one of the developers of a project: ‘Manufacturing of biodegradable, hybrid composites on the basis of lactide nanofibres and alginate nanocomposite fibres for medical applications’, NCBiR NR08-0032-10/2010, which was honoured with an award ‘Lodzkie Eureka’ in 2015.


  • Year tutor for the first year of Economics in English in 2012-2017
  • Since 2016 faculty coordinator for recruitment of international students, together with PhD Eleonora Ratowska-Dzibiak
  • Director of the Textiles Research Institute in Lodz since 2017
  • Member of Scientific Councils of the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres in Lodz (IBWCH) – since 2017 and of the Institute of Leather Industry in Lodz (IPS) – since 2018.
  • Reviever in the periodicals from the Master Journal List (JCR) – Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe and Autex Research Journal
  • Expert evaluating projects within RPO WŁ in 2016-2017